Functional Scala

  1. Introduction
  2. Functions
  3. Functions as Objects as Functions
  4. Closures
  5. Comprehending Comprehensions
  6. High, Higher, Higher Order Functions
  7. Lambdas and other shortcuts
  8. Turning Methods into Functions (or WTF is eta expansion?)
  9. Polymorphic Functions ?!?
  10. Algebraic Datatypes – Enumerated Types
  11. Algebraic Datatypes – Sum and Product Types
  12. Algebraic Datatypes – ‘Sum of Products’ Types
  13. Pattern Matching – the basics
  14. Combinatoric Pattern Matching
  15. Pattern Matching on product types
  16. Example: A little expression language with algebraic datatypes and pattern matching
  17. Example Cont.: Expressions, Extensions and Extractors
  18. Tinkerbell, Frogs and Lists
  19. List sugarization
  20. Essential list functions
  21. Quiz with Lists – common list functions, handcraftet

WS-Security using Cert Authentication with Spring-WS

  1. How to secure a WebService using Spring-WS and Certificate Authentication
  2. Accessing the certificate
  3. Setting up the Security infrastructure
  4. How to set up your Clients’ Keystore
  5. How to implement a Message Signing Client

4 Responses to “Series”

  1. Functional Scala Says:

    […] I’ve been learning Scala recently and happened across a great series of articles by Mario Gleichmann. […]

  2. Mark Silberbauer Says:

    This series is so very good! Thanks so much for writing these, they’ve been a great help. When are you going to turn them into a book? 😉

  3. “Functional Scala” by Mario Gleichmann | Adil Akhter Says:

    […] "Functional Scala" is another tutorial on Scala programming language by Mario Gleichmann. Although a bit verbose, this tutorial introduces the key constructs of Scala and outlines its primary features from the perspective of functional programming. […]

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