Talking about Behaviour Driven Development at XPUG Rhein/Main

I will talk about Behaviour Driven Development at the Extreme Programming User Group Rhein/Main (in Frankfurt / Germany) on November 4, 2008.

We’ll take a closer look at the core intentions and ideas behind BDD and may delve into some examples using beanSpec.

Come along and feel welcome if you want to know more on what it’s all about that ‘BDD’ and want to discuss about afterwards.

Did you really get Behaviour Driven Development?

You maybe have noticed some new articles and product announcements recently, that turn themself in the ‘tradition’ of Behaviour Driven Development (BDD).
Most of them mainly concentrate on the introduction of a new vocabulary in order to get rid of the test centric terminology. Some of them even suggest to stick with the well known xUnit test frameworks and mainly kind of change their test method names (if only they contain the now famous word ‘should’) and think they’re done … really? Read the rest of this entry »

behaviour driven development with beanSpec

first of all, this is no introduction to Behaviour Driven Development, as there are already many great articles and informations available, so the world doesn’t need another entering guide yet.

this post is rather an introduction to beanSpec, a little tool for writing specifications in the sense of BDD in Java. beanSpec tries to provide a clear conceptual model that is easy to capture and apply (if you’ve seen RSpec so far, you will immediately feel familiar with beanSpec, because the conceptual model is almost the same). Read the rest of this entry »

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