OSGi and the Witheboard Pattern – to much Decoupling?

The Witheboard Pattern is a variation or at least a similar concept for the Obsercer pattern, replacing the commonly used Java Listener Pattern in a highly dynamic World, where Event Sources have to deal with the abrupt dissappearance of Event Listeners and vice versa (this aspect is often neglected in traditional Applications, since there is full control of the lifecycles of the Event Source and all Event Listeners). In a more dynamic world, where collaborators could come and go at any time, there may should be some compensation logic to handle this fact. Read the rest of this entry »

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Setting up Spring Dynamic Modules (OSGi) with Eclipse – A step-by-step tutorial

I spend some time playing with Spring Dynamic Modules (Spring-DM) and Eclipse (resp. its underlying OSGi platform Equinox) the other day. I had some minor annoyances in the beginning concerning the initial setup, since i didn’t found any comprehensible source on the web on what bundles are needed at least and what else is necessary in order to run your own Spring-DM-ified bundles.

The following instructions will show you all the steps you have to accomplish in order to set up a minimalistic workspace in eclipse for creating or droping in and executig arbitrary Spring-DM bundles.
Note, that this post will only show you the necessary steps for a setup – it’s by way no tutorial about how to build bundles with Spring-DM (maybe in a future post) or about OSGi at all. Read the rest of this entry »