Functional Scala: Functions

Welcome back to the second episode of Functional Scala!

After we’ve checked out some core ideas and extracted Expression based function application as the basic computation method of Functional Programming within the last episode, let’s start with what Dr. Erik Meijer* would call the bread and butter of Functional Programming: and now guess what … it’s surprisingly about … Functions (please imagine a chorus of trumpets in the background while reading this).

In order to call a Function (it is said to apply a Function to its arguments), you firstly have to define one. So let’s get a feeling about how to define Functions in Scala … Read the rest of this entry »


Functional Scala: Introduction

Welcome to the first part of a series of episodes about ‘Functional Scala’. While positioning itself as a so called object-functional language, most of the discussion and articles about Scala centered around its object oriented features so far. If you’re reading this, chances are you want to learn more about the functional side of Scala. Well, you’ve come to the right place. Read the rest of this entry »

Talking about ‘Functional Scala in Practice’ at Java User Group – Frankfurt/Main

I will give another ‘sequel’ talk about ‘Functional Scala’ at the Java User Group / Frankfurt at the ‘Brotfabrik’ on October 20, 2010 / 19.00 pm.

After a short summary and some addition to the core concepts of functional programming within Scala, this time we’ll focus on its practical application.

Based upon the functional mechanisms and ‘tools’ provided by Scala, we’ll develop some fundamental functions and pick up some more advanced features of functional Programming along the way (exploring how far it can be pushed within Scala).

This will include such topics as

  • Partial Application and Currying
  • Transformators and Combinators
  • Fundamental Functions (reduce, map, …)
  • Monads (well, a small introduction)
  • Type-Classes

All topics will be accompanied by some examples, allowing for a smooth entrance into the world of functional programming.

You’ll find the official site of the JUG / Frankfurt for the official announcement of my talk here.

Looking forward to see you there …