Yet another Book Recommendation List – Software development

There were surely a couple of books along your way as a software developer that influenced your mindset the most. That may be those books, that you’ve read quite some times ago but you still refer to those books in one or the other way (discussions, documentation, presentations, …) or at least still have effect on how you see the world of software development and act within it, influencing a good part of your decisions and overall thinking in your every day job – those books that may be at the top of your shelf, because it’s always a good feeling to grab some of them every now and then again and re-read … Read the rest of this entry »


OSGi and the Witheboard Pattern – to much Decoupling?

The Witheboard Pattern is a variation or at least a similar concept for the Obsercer pattern, replacing the commonly used Java Listener Pattern in a highly dynamic World, where Event Sources have to deal with the abrupt dissappearance of Event Listeners and vice versa (this aspect is often neglected in traditional Applications, since there is full control of the lifecycles of the Event Source and all Event Listeners). In a more dynamic world, where collaborators could come and go at any time, there may should be some compensation logic to handle this fact. Read the rest of this entry »

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