Talking about Scala at ObjektForum – Frankfurt/Main

I will talk about Scala at the ‘ObjektForum‘ (in Frankfurt / Germany – Museum für Kommunikation) on May 18, 2010 / 18.30 pm.

Join us and receive a general introduction to the core Language features of Scala and take a closer look at some of the new possibilities that come along with the fusion of object oriented concepts and the ideas of functional programming, trying to widen the horizon esp. for imperative thinking ‘brains’ …

Again, come along and feel welcome if you want to know more about functions as first class objects, Pattern Matching, Mixins or how to write your own custom control structures, making Scala a truly SCAlable LAnguage (and may want to discuss about afterwards).

If you want to attend, just fill in the registration form here and spend a pleasant evening with other like-minded people, interested in Scala.

And the best – it’s all free of charge (sponsored by andrena objects)

Looking forward to see you there …