Talking about ‘Functional Scala’ at Java User Group – Frankfurt/Main

i will talk about the ‘functional side’ of Scala at the Java User Group / Frankfurt at the ‘Brotfabrik’ on August 25, 2010 / 19.00 pm.

The talk will give you a general introduction into some core ideas, characteristics and benefits of functional programming and their implementation within the so called ‘object – functional’ language Scala.

Leaving the widely known elements of object oriented programming aside, we’ll set the focus on how to leverage Scala in order to perform the following topics (extract):

  • Functions and Function types
  • Lambdas and Closures
  • Currying and partial Argument Application
  • Algebraic datatypes and Pattern matching
  • Composition and Combinators

All topics will be accompanied by some examples, allowing for a smooth entrance into the world of functional programming.

You’ll find the official site of the JUG / Frankfurt for the official announcement of my talk here.

Looking forward to see you there …